About Me

Hi, I'm Jessika Shields, Licensed Educational Psychologist!
I am so glad you are here and look forward to partnering with you on the journey to building stronger minds and stronger youth for generations to come. 

My Values & Beliefs

Parents and parent-figures are a child's most valuable asset.

I believe that parents and parent-figures play a critical role in a child's development. Parents are the first teachers and are crucial to a child's growth, development, and resiliency. Parents and caregivers who continue to develop their own parenting skills are more likely to have children who do well in life – mentally, physically, and emotionally. 

Learning is for everyone.

I believe that every child can learn, as well as adults, too. Learning is an invaluable opportunity to connect with the world through discovery and imagination. Once learning takes place, it fosters perspective expansion while allowing us to develop new skills for navigating the world in which we live. Learning is not just for children but for everyone!

The Growth Mindset is the best mindset.

I believe in the growth mindset where we encourage the idea of learning from our mistakes while understanding that no one is perfect. Of course, we shouldn't expect them to be. The growth mindset individual understands that hard work and dedication is what makes you successful and merely seeing yourself as “smart” limits the mind's potential to learn more. Having a growth mindset will help to establish resiliency and an openness to new concepts and ideas. Now, that's real growth!

My Family

For me, family is everything! I enjoy every moment and milestone as I watch my children grow up to be wonderful human beings. Each child is very unique in their own special way, and it is my job and my husband's job as parents to foster a nurturing and loving environment that empowers each of them to focus on their individual strengths. No two children are alike, and we don't expect them to be.

There is no manual or guide that can ever tell you how to navigate the ups and downs or ebbs and flows of raising a family, but there is a collective of information that can be synthesized in order to help parents and caregivers do the best that they can, and for us, it is definitely coupled with prayer.

I started Stronger Minds, Stronger Youth because I have a passion for helping parents navigate the nuances of raising successful children, and I do this by sharing my knowledge and expertise about parenting, education, and mental wellness in order to foster a stronger community for future generations to come.

Let's Work Together!

Building the Capacity to Be Better

There are a number of ways that we can partner in order to build capacity to be better. Stronger Minds, Stronger Youth partners with parents, youth, and organizations to offer a variety of solutions. They include: 

  • Workshops
  • Masterclasses
  • 1-on-1 Sessions