Do you need help building your child's self-confidence?

Are you struggling with…

  • A child who has learning difficulties. 
  • A child who isn't doing well in school so they give up even trying.
  • A child who feels they aren't good enough.
  • Your own frustrations with watching your child struggle.
  • You own struggles with patience in dealing with the stress that develops.
  • The tension that is growing between you and your child.

Building Your Child's Confidence

Most parents of children with mild learning disabilities who struggle with confidence issues don’t focus on the right solution – STRENGTHS! Without understanding your child’s true innate gifts, you remain in a constant cycle of trying to fix their weaknesses, which leads to more stress and frustration for both you and your child; but when you begin to focus on what they CAN do, you begin to see improved confidence, improved effort, and an improved overall motivation to learn. Focusing on their strengths is what will change the narrative!


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