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The Protective Factors Project

What are Protective Factors?

Protective factors are characteristics or conditions that reduce or buffer the effects of risk, stress, or trauma. They are personal assets that build upon resilency skills. Without protective factors, children are more at risk for being bullied, bullying, depression, and suicidal ideation. 

What is the Protective Factors Project?

The Protective Factors Project is our three-pronged approach to helping parents of children with learning disabilities create conditions or attributes that promote the health and well-being of their children and their entire family. We strongly believe that parents are the most important protective factor in a child's life when they model and teach healthy coping skills, self-regulation skills, and adopt a strengths-based approach to parenting. When these important needs are met, children can focus on accomplishing their goals and dreams so that they live a successful and fulfilled life.

Little boy kiss mommy's forehead.

Prong 1: Student Success Coaching

Our student success coaching service is provided by our founder, Jessika Shields. Jessika’s strengths-based parenting approach using her signature Building Child Confidence Through Strengths framework helps parents learn more about their parenting strengths and how to effectively nurture their child’s strengths in order to better advocate for their child’s overall well-being, academically, socially, and emotionally. Plan to develop an Action Plan for helping your child achieve set goals, stay accountable to ensure that the plan is working, and monitor your child's success over time.

Prong 2: On-going Parent Education

Being a member of the EmPOWERhouse Academy gives you access to evidence-based tools that will improve your parent-child relationship, your child's social relationships, and make you a more confident parent advocate in the process! These on-demand courses were created to support you with information and resources to answer common questions related to raising school-aged children who have learning problems.

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Prong 3: Child Advocacy

When you book an educational consultation with Jessika, you receive a personalized plan that will help you advocate for the supports and services your struggling learner needs. Navigating school systems can be stressful and having a knowlegable professional to assist you can build your confidence while getting your child exactly what they need to thrive. Schedule your 15-minute free consultation today!