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Parent-Child Relationship Development Plan

Alarming statistics regarding children who struggle with reading and overall school achievement.

Source: National Institute for Literacy, National Center for Adult Literacy, The Literacy Company, and U.S. Census Bureau

  • Currently, 45 million Americans are functionally illiterate and cannot read above a fifth-grade level
  • Academic, emotional and social issues abound for children who are poor readers.
  • Children who are behind their peers in reading struggle with low self-esteem and feelings of inadequacy.
  • Low achievement in reading is also the common denominator in school discipline, attendance and dropout problems, and juvenile crime.
  • 85% of juvenile offenders have problems reading
  • 3 out of 5 people in American prisons can’t read
  • 3 out of 4 people on welfare can’t read
  • 5% of America’s fourth graders do not read at a proficient level
  • One in six children who are not reading proficiently in the third grade does not graduate from high school on time, a rate four times greater than that for proficient readers. (rate is higher in children from low-income families and rural areas)
  • Third graders who cannot read on grade level today are on track to be our nation’s lowest income, least skilled citizens.
  • Academically, children who are not reading on grade level by the end of third grade struggle in every class, year after year, because over 85 percent of the curriculum is taught by reading
  • Children can lose all desire to learn to read or go to school. Some begin to act out in class or set low expectations for themselves.

Without the valuable skills you need to support your struggling child, it's going to cost you…

  • thousands of dollars in excessive tutoring
  • hundreds of hours in time that is spent away from enjoying quality time together as a family
  • missed opportunities to help them develop a positive self-image
  • a more peaceful home environment
  • more frustration and stress from dealing with your child's risky behaviors
  • more time and money spent in countless therapy sessions
  • missed opportunties to watch your child reach their potential and truly enjoy life

BUT, This Does NOT Have to Be Your Story

Join our EmPOWERhouse Academy and get the information and support you need to become more confident and intentional in your parenting decisions as you raise a child who is not just surviving but THRIVING!

Your membership gives you access to evidence-based tools that will

improve your parent-child relationship, your child's social relationships, and make you a more confident parent advocate in the process!

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On-Demand Courses

Our EmPOWERhouse Academy courses will help you take the right steps to position your child for success by giving you tools that will help improve your parent-child relationship, your child's social relationships, and make you a more confident parent advocate for your child's education!

Discounted Virtual Events

As a member, you won't pay full price to access virtual LIVE workshops and youth bootcamps that help to improve the well-being of your family. Members are guaranteed the best price always!

Parent-Child Relationship Development Plan

Our plan gives you a roadmap to strengthening your parent-child relationship from birth and beyond. You'll get a downloadable course workbook to help you through the development process. 

Just $349/yr.

With More Courses Being Added Regularly

Gaining information from a licensed professional will help you better support your child who struggles with self-confidence and learning. Join a community of parents who believe their child can succeed despite their learning disability.

During any LIVE event, Licensed Educational Psychologist Jessika Shields will answer your burning questions to help you support your child's academic, social and emotional development.

“Learning to stand in somebody else’s shoes, to see through their eyes, that’s how peace begins.  And it’s up to you to make that  happen.  Empathy is a quality of character that can  change the world.” – Barack Obama

Just $349/yr.

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Each course helps you take the right steps to position your child for success. Here are just a few.

Language and Vocabulary Development

These courses are geared towards parents with young children where the focus is on techniques used to develop a child's language in the early years.

Managing Stress and Anxiety

These courses are for both parents and youth where skills are taught to help participants manage school-related stress and anxiety. 

Gifted With Giftedness

These courses are geared to support parents and youth who need help understanding the nuances of a gifted brain. 

Goal Setters

These courses help parents and youth improve time management and organization skills while learning the art of goal setting.

College & Career Readiness

These courses are geared to help parents and youth prepare for college and a career at any age in order to increase successful outcomes.

Relationship Matters

These courses provide the skills needed to improve many types of relationships by examining evidence-based techniques for effective communication and active listening. 

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Parenting a successful child is intentional and does not just happen without work. You play an active role in ensuring that your child has the best opportunities possible. 

Watch Your Child Thrive

Parenting can be difficult at times, and when you don't know what steps to take next, you just need a guide to help you. Get access to the EmPOWERhouse Academy and prepare to position your child on the path to success where they feel more confident in their abilities to thrive.

Just $349/yr.

What Other Parents Are Saying…

MaryBeth L. – Parent Testimonial Story 

Before reaching out to Stronger Minds, Stronger Youth, I was unsure about how to approach the schools to get my son with Autism more opportunities in his high school experience. Jessika was very helpful presenting the various options and resources that are available for me, so that I can help my son. Now I have a plan!

Arnold D.

My child has struggled to keep up with school work for years and trying to get answers from school assessment teams was nearly impossible, but Stronger Minds, Stronger Youth guided me through the next steps of getting my daughter the help she deserves! Now we are so much closer to getting her what she needs!

Mary Beth L.

Just $349/yr.

Before watching the Improving Your Child's Brain Muscle course inside of the EmPOWERhouse Academy, I was at a loss for how to prevent summer ‘brain drain.' I thought learning loss was inevitable! This course gave me tons of concrete suggestions for how to boost my kids' critical thinking skills and get them ready for next school year! I am already seeing a difference!

Melissa J.

“There are two gifts we should give our children. One is roots. The other is wings.”  ~Unknown

With nearly 20 years in education and mental health and wellness for children, Stronger Minds, Stronger Youth is positioned to guide you through bringing out the absolute best in your child. We are committed to helping you build the skills you need to help your child build the level of confidence they need to be happier and more motivated to learn.

Your Decisions TODAY Shape Your Child's Destiny TOMORROW

It's been said that in your moments of decision, your destiny is shaped. What will you decide to do for your child's destiny right now? The same thing you've been doing so you get the same old results or will you decide to change your results for the better by joining

The EmPOWERhouse Academy...

Just $349/yr.

With More Courses Being Added Regularly